About products?


Can I see the product before I buy it?

Smartcandle.ro is an online shop and does not have a location where the products might be displayed. If the product you buy does not meet your expectations, you can return it, in accordance with the return policy of the products presented on the web page.

How do I find out if the product is available or not?

Every product listed on the web page has a status in the product page that attests its availability. The stock update is done in real time!

Can we test the product before purchase?

The online purchase activity aims at optimising the costs, so that we might offer the most competitive prices to our customers. The products bought online are sealed in the original packaging. In case of functioning failure, there are service procedures to be followed that cover the guarantee risks or the product may be returned if not acceptable.

Is the listed price the final one?

The listed prices is VAT included and represent the final value of the product. According to the delivery option chosen, there will be an additional delivery cost that could vary depending on the destination or the weight of the product.A placed order guarantees the reservation of the product for a few days at the price valid on the day when the order was placed.

Why is today's price different from yesterday's price?

The products presented on smartcandle.ro, are automatically updated, according to the exchange rate (leu/US dollar). Moreover, there are cases when the prices may change in accordance with the producer's recommendations or in special offer cases depending on the start/end of the promotion period.