About the guarantee?

What do I need to know about the guarantee?

What is the Smart Candle product guarantee period?

The electronic Smart Candles come with a 12-month producer guarantee from the date of the order. Upon receiving the products, please check the guarantee period mentioned on the certificate.

What do I do in case of product failure during the guarantee period?

Product failures during the guarantee period shall be remedied by Decorations Smart SRL. Follow the instructions on the guarantee certificate or access the contact page to send your notification.

What do I have to do in order not to loose the guarantee?

We recommend you to read the instructions carefully before using the product. There is the risk of loosing the guarantee in the following situations: using the candles in unsuitable conditions, in the presence of chemicals, moisture, high temperature (+45°C) or very low temperature (-4°C), production defects caused by accidental or intentional deterioration of the product, plugging the product in an unsuitable power source, cleaning the product with household cleaning products or any other modality of altering the product unrecommended by the producer, as well as the intervention of an unauthorised person to service the product.

Why do not all the products come with a 2-year guarantee period?

In accordance with Law no. 449/2003 the stipulates the trade of products and their guarantee periods associated with them, article 16, the seller shall remedy any production defects if these occur within the 2 year period, calculated from the delivery date. The conformity period is different from the guarantee period. The guarantee, according to the same legal act, article 19, is obligatory for the tenderer, on the conditions specified in the declarations regarding the guarantee and the advertising. Thus, the seller guarantees against any manufacturing defect for 2 years and assures the advertised guarantee, without a minimum or maximum term.

Does the guarantee period for the altered products modify?

YES! It is automatically extended, and the service period is taken into account. The service period is defined as being the interval of time (days) between the moment when the product is handed in to the courier and the moment when this is recovered from the service station and returned to the owner. Since this interval is automatically stored in our system, there won't be any observations written on the guarantee certificate of the product.

What are the failure not covered by the guarantee?

The damage produced by natural events, fire, floods, earthquakes, accidents etc, theft or destruction of the product and wear and tear.