How can I order?


When can I order?

You can order in any day of the week, at any time, but the processing of data received is done every working day, according to the schedule mentioned on the contact page. Orders can also be placed during holidays or out of hours, but further information will be previously posted on the Contact page. In case the orders are not placed during the working hours, they will be processed the following day or on the first working day of the week. .

How do I find a product?

Please, use the filter system to select the category under which your product is listed.

How do I contact the service department?

For an efficient administration of your messages, please contact us at the telephone number listed on the site (0733-90.50.58) or use the contact form from the Contact page, selecting the department you wish to address to. The answer to each solicitation, both by telephone or by email, shall be sent during the working period mentioned on the site.

In case I am not in the country, can I order a gift for a friend in Romania?

YES! All you need is a credit card (Visa or MasterCard, regardless of the currency) or a digipass for Homebank to make the online payment or the bank transfer of the electronic payment, and on your 'Personal data' page please write the delivery address of your friend. Additionally, please sent us an email at, clearly stating your claim or the need for further information. If you want your gift to be wrapped and accompanied by a wish card, let us give you a good news: this service is free of charge!

I am a legal person/entity. How do I order?

Exactly the same as a regular person! On the 'Personal data' page, you shall complete the fields with the necessary details for the invoice. We recommend you to choose 'Bank transfer' as payment option- the delivery costs will be cheaper. Should you choose to pay upon receipt, the bill will be sent by courier.

Details about the purchase process can be found on the How do I buy? page.