Annually, thousands and thousands of fires are caused by unattended burning candles. Our Smart Candles® can be safely used without the danger of fire from conventional candles. These candles are safe and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

- no open flame, no danger of fire
- without any burned wax smoke, it respects the health and security provisions
- can be used with materials such as paper, wood, plastic, dried flowers, and even fabric
- ideal for the children's rooms as night light- perfect for boats and camping
- can be left unattended around children or pets
- can be used as night light when you leave home
- can be used in historical buildings where the use of traditional, open flame candles is forbidden
- can be used in the locations where the use of traditional, open flame candles and wax smoke are forbidden!
- can be perfectly used during a power brake or in an emergency situation, along the exit ways or or walkways.