Included in each SmartCandle®

  • Value!
  • Safety!
  • Smart Technology!
  • Versatile use!
  • Economy!

The value of our Smart Candles is given by their advantages!

- bright and burn just like real wax candles, but for a very long time
- the flickering effect makes them impossible to distinguish from traditional candles
- create a relaxing ambiance in every room
- can be used with materials such as paper, wood, plastic, dried flowers, and even fabric
- flickering light that perfectly simulates a wax candle open flame
- beauty and safety at the same time! no mess, no melted wax!
- can be used in every season!
- you may leave them unattended and there is not risk of fire
- an accessible way to create an unforgettable ambiance around your house – both outdoors and indoors
- do not melt, so they will last forever!

Annually, thousands and thousands of fires are caused by unattended burning candles. Our Smart Candles® can be safely used without the danger of fire from conventional candles. These candles are safe and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

- no open flame, no danger of fire
- without any burned wax smoke, it respects the health and security provisions
- can be used with materials such as paper, wood, plastic, dried flowers, and even fabric
- ideal for the children's rooms as night light- perfect for boats and camping
- can be left unattended around children or pets
- can be used as night light when you leave home
- can be used in historical buildings where the use of traditional, open flame candles is forbidden
- can be used in the locations where the use of traditional, open flame candles and wax smoke are forbidden!
- can be perfectly used during a power brake or in an emergency situation, along the exit ways or or walkways.

Our electronic SmartCandles use intelligent electronics and LED's to generate a long-lasting, random flickering light that perfectly simulate the burning flame of traditional wax candles.

- the LEDs are long-life, efficient lights
- without generating heating energy
- available in an waterproof version with a built-in light sensor
- equipped with an ON/OFF switch, can be turned on/off with a simple switch
- long-life replaceable batteries included
- a wide variety of forms and sizes, with or without scent, to be suitably used in any occasion
- without melted or messy wax and so your furniture is always clean
- without smoke and so your walls or ceiling will be kept clean
- the candles can be recharged +500 times
- for indoor and outdoor use
- designed to be practical, simple and ellegant!

With its long-lasting, wind-proof ambient light, Smart Candle® can be used everywhere!

- Indoor: interior design, offices, commercial design, fashion presentations
- Outdoor: patio, decks, backyard, garden, luminaries, camping, boating
- Commercial: horeca, restaurants, hotels, spas, churches, banquet halls
- Tourism: spa resorts, care facilities, fitness, massage saloons
- Event planners/organisers: corporate parties, conferences, weddings, baptism, personalised events
- Gift shops: personalised shops, interior design shops, light shop
- Marketing and advertising: marketing campaigns, promotional gifts, personalised events
- Cultic services: churches, chapels
- Film/theatre: decorations, props

Our SmartCandles are budget saver and labour force efficient. A reduced expenditure budget is tempting, isn't it?
With a small investment, you can obtain a big profit!

use them is simply a smart decision!