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lumanare silicon The flameless Smart Candle® products are the today's leader in portable lighting and power for consumer and industrial applications due to their quality, innovative design and frequency of launching new models on the market?
Smartcandles uses intelligent electronics and LED's to generate a long-lasting, random, flickering light without generating heating energy?
lumanari silicon pentru lectura 10.500 hours run time, providing you use the electronic candles 6 hours/day, every day, is equivalent to 5 years of ambient light, at approximately 4$ / year?
To condition the candles, a charge of 20 hours is initially required and then a minimum of 8 hour charge for up to 15 hours of run time?
lumanare ceara cu baterii
lumanri reincarcabile din silicon
You have the possibility to recharge each Smart Candle® 500 times, equivalent of over 10.000 hours of light before any alteration of the flickering light might (of the LED) be observable?
You can protect and prolong the intensity of the flickering light by treating each candle as your mobile? It is easy! Allow the candles to discharge completely and then recharge them for 20 hours without interruption (the conditioning operation), as you did before the first use!
lumanare din silicon outdoor
lumanari reincarcabile silicon
The flameless Smart Candle® products are not waterproof? None of the electronic products are waterproof unless specifically designed for it. We haven’t received any complaints so far regarding this aspect. For outdoor use, please place the Smartcandles in a plastic bag or box. Do not use the Smart Candle® products under water!