About My account?


What is my account?

My account or the Smart Candle customer account is a service that allows you to access:
- a more rapid order placement
- the administration of promotional codes
- the track of orders placed
- financial information regarding the orders placed
- alerts for important events

How do I create an account?

The customer account is created with the first order. Please, use valid information and contact details, in order to avoid errors in the invoice issued or the impossibility to be contacted.

If you want to create a customer account before the first order, please send us an email at order@smartcandle.ro.

What is the smartcandle.ro newsletter?

It is our most important means of communicating with you. It is an email sent every 2-3 weeks, that informs you about our new releases or promotion periods, special offer/sales, further information and many more about the Smart Candle world! You can register/unregister for the newsletter anytime. The script that administers this newsletter is specifically created to eliminate the registration against your own desire and to eliminate spam.

What is an events reminder ?

The service Events reminder allows you to save the dates of important events for which you intend to shop on the smartcandle.ro site! You will receive notification emails, free of charge, that remind you about the special events!