What do I need to know about SmartCandles?

Why electronic flameless candles?

The electronic candles were created as a response to the need of the commercial industry (hotels, bars, restaurants etc.), of the historical monuments restorers and event organisers. We all love the ambient light of traditional candles, but these cannot be used in all the locations or circumstances and above all they are not safe!

What are the SmartCandles made of?

The electronic flameless Smart Candle® are available in different variants: rechargeable candles and battery operated candles, made of silicone or scented natural wax.

Do the Smart Candles flicker?

Yes, all the SmartCandles flicker, with a random flickering that perfectly simulates a wax candle. That is why your friends or your clients would probably admit that they couldn't tell the difference from traditional candles!

How long can the Smart Candles be used?

The run time of the Smart Candle® products may vary. For each product there is an estimated run time in accordance with the producer's tests, that indicates how long the candles will burn after they have been charged and after the batteries have been replaced. We recommend you to use alkaline batteries. The charging times and the run times after charging or replacing the batteries are listed on the page describing every type of candle!

How long do the batteries included for the candles last?

We cannot guarantee a certain number of hours of run time for the newly purchased candles, because the candles are made in the Far East, then shipped to Romania where they are stored until being sold. We recommend to replace the battery as soon as possible with a new, alkaline one.

What is the LED light?

LED is the international abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. Generally, the LEDs are small light bulbs that easily fit the electric circuit. The effect is called electroluminescence. However, unlike conventional incandescent light bulbs, the LEDs do not have a wire that burns and do not generate a significant quantity of heat. The light is produced by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor environment.

What are the advantages of the LED technology?

The LEDs are remarkable in any way possible. Among the advantages, we mention:
- longer lifetime; twice as much as the best fluorescent light bulb and twenty times more than a conventional incandescent light bulb.
- great durability, resistant at shocks and vibrations. LEDs are usually fit in solid cases for increased protection, which offers them greater robustness and reliability.
- less heat than the similar incandescent light bulbs.
- lower energy consumption.

For more information about the electronic SmartCandles, please read the Did you know? and Advatages! pages!