PRO Smart – Save with every product bought!

Every finalized order on brings you a promotional code in SmartPro (voucher) that can be used for later orders or can be given as a gift.

Value of promotional code

The value of the promotional code depends on the value VAT included of the ordered products for which the code was offered. In calculating the value of the promotional code the delivery fees are not included.

How do we communicate you the promotional code?

After the confirmation of the product delivery, the promotional code is automatically transmitted by our system, in an informative email. In the section 'Pro Smart' of your account on, you can view the promotional codes received, their value and validity period. The validity of a promotional code is 1 year from the transfer date.


The promotional code shall be copied down in your 'Pro Smart' box in the 'Shopping cart'. By clicking on the left button, the value of the promotional values appears. The value of the promotional code that you want to use must not be more than 1 less than the products ordered. For every finalized order, you shall receive a promotional code that can be used only once.


The user of the promotional code cannot claim its counter value in lei or any other benefits instead of the promotional code. In case of return or refusal of the products bought, a new promotional code shall be available only at your future order.

In case the order for which the promotional code had been used, is canceled before delivery, the promotional code is considered unused and so it can be used for your future order. reserves the right to terminate this promotion, but the promotional codes issued until that date may be used according to their validity.