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It's easy! Once you have chosen your products, you will be directed to the Finalise your order page where you can see your shopping cart and after you have filled in all the details about the invoice, delivery and payment you can send your order!

Choose the products

The decorative electronic Smart Candle products are available in 3 shops: AMBIENTAL, HORECA&EVENTS and RETAIL PARTNERS. Using the filters in each shop, you can navigate through the products. The filters will help you reduce the number of products closer to your desired options, and thus save a lot of time. You can select the products by the following criteria: material, colour, LED culour, height of candle, battery type and price. Check the information presented on the page of your desired item, then click on `Add to cart` to move forward.

Finalise your order

The shopping cart
- By adding items to your shopping cart, you will be automatically directed to the shopping cart page where you can review the products, update the quantity or delete one or more items selected. To add more items in your shopping cart, go back to the shop by pressing the `Continue shopping` button.

Invoice, delivery and payment details
- If you have already signed up for a account, log in with your email address and password. You will view all the data previously added. Place an order or modify the details and the information in your account. If you don't have a account, filled in the fields from the ‘Invoice information’. Choose 'Natural person' or 'Legal person', write your invoice and delivery address and the payment choice. Please read the 'Terms and conditions' page before you agree.

Send your order

Check once more the details and information in your order and then click on 'Send order' to finalise your order.
You will immediately receive an email message to confirm your order, accompanied by the proforma invoice.

Creating a client account allows you to easily access additional information, services and promotions ofered.

Fast order

All the invoice and delivery information about an order are stored and can be easily accessed anytime. Except for your details as a regular buyer, you can store details about several companies with complete data filled in the same client account. Moreover, you can store different delivery addresses. Having all the data at hand, any order on is just a few clicks away!

Administer your promotional codes

All the promotion codes awarded as a result of placing an order are stored and may be used during the validity period at your own wish. In addition to this, if you provide us with all the required information, you may be awarded codes for certain promotional sales.

Order history

You can view all yout orders placed and their status, as well as details about them. You can download from your account different documents issued (invoices, proforms etc.).

Financial information

You can check the value of the orders placed on, having the possibility to fully appreciate our promotional sales.

Events Reminder

Create alerts for important events in your life. You shall receive notification emails, free of charge, with 14, 10 and 4 days before the important event.


We guarantee the confidentiality of the data stored in your client account. SC Decorations Smart SRL shall not disclose any private information to a third party, except for the cases in which it has previously been agreed in writing or stipulated in the legislation.

For any questions about your client account on, please write to us at

On the page of every product, we offer you information about the its availability:


The product can be found in the stock of the shop and the reservations are made only after the order has been sent. The product may be purchased and delivered within 24-48 hours from the order. The shop stock is updated in real time.

At provider

The product can be found in the provider's stock. It can be delivered after the order has been places within 1-12 working days. The delivery time shall be communicated by telephone by a sales consultant, after the order. You can also click on “Info” or phone at 0733905058, to find out more about the availability and the delivery period of the product.

By order

The product is available by order, within 2-12 working days. Please, contact us to find out more about the availability and the delivery period. You can click on “Info” or phone at 0733905058.

Not available

The product is not available in the shop stock. If you are interested in buying it, click on “Stock alert” and fill in the form. You shall receive an email with the registration of your request. When the information regarding the availability of one product is changed, you will be notified by email.

You can buy the products by using the following payment methods:

Payment on delivery (cash on delivery)

The total value of the order according to the invoice is paid on delivery. The fee of this service is 5 lei (VAT excluded) and it is included in the invoice which you confirmed.

Payment order/Bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer is done in accordance with the invoice issued and confirmed. The shipment fee is included in the invoice. The products are delivered after the confirmation of the payment that has been done in the following account:

SC Decorations Smart SRL
VAT code: RO25009250
Account: RO12 INGB 0000 9999 0141 1657

Online payment by credit/debit card

Paying online by credit card, either personal or the company's, directly on our web page is totally safe!

For payments by credit/debit cards issued by Visa and MasterCard (Visa/Visa Electron and MasterCard/Maestro) the "3-D Secure" system is used, issued by the organisations that assure the same level of security to all online transactions as those by ATM or in cash, at the sales representative. 3-D Secure keeps first of all the safety of the credit card details so that they cannot ever be transferred or stored, on our servers or on ePayment servers, these data being directly introduced in the Visa and MasterCard systems. Moreover, 3-D Secure is a system for the authentication of the identity of the card's possessors in the electronic environment. The authentication process of the card's possessor is done on the basis of the security code known only by the possessor and processed only on the Visa or MasterCard servers, accordingly. The 3-D Secure system allows you to shop on-line with any card issued by Visa or MasterCard, including the debit cards and the electronic Maestro and Visa Electron. Virtual cards issued by these companies are also accepted. implemented the 3D-Secure system for processing the orders with online payment and the operation is done on safe conditions. You can find more information about Gecad ePayment by accessing Info clients. does not require or store details regarding your card!

Any order placed on includes transport, regardless of the payment method chosen.

Delivery methods

The products ordered on shall be delivered by the courier company TCE Transexpress SRL. The delivery program is from Monday to Friday between 9-16. You can choose the delivery destination ( at home, at work or any other address mentioned), free of any additional costs.

When you receive your ordered products (parcel) please check the integrity of the packaging and the invoice. Please mention on your AWB or in a status report the problems regarding the integrity/content or your parcels and refuse to pay for those with problems. Any subsequent complaints regarding these aspects are null.

Product delivery

The products are sealed in the original packaging of the producer and are insured during transportation until delivery. The product insurance cost is 0,7%* of the total value of the delivered products. To protect the original packaging and for a better protection, ships the products in an additional packaging.

Delivery costs

Transportation delivery fees:
-15 lei * fixed fee/ order.
-1 leu* for each additional kilo (applicable to all the parcels exceeding 3 kg)
-1 leu* for each kilometer from a TCE TRANSEXPRES SRL working point.

Payment commissions for transportation fees

- Online payment by credit bank or bank transfer order – the commission is zero.
- Payment on delivery – fixed fee: 5 lei*

The invoice issued shall have all the delivery fees included, separately from the total value of the products.

* Fees are VAT excluded.

Special conditions

During the shipping process, independent of our will or that of the courier's, several factors may influence and delay the delivery (unfavourable weather conditions, accidents or traffic jams). Under these circumstances, a sales consultant shall inform and communicate to you the new delivery date.

PRO Smart – Save with every product bought!

Every finalized order on brings you a promotional code in SmartPro (voucher) that can be used for later orders or can be given as a gift.

Value of promotional code

The value of the promotional code depends on the value VAT included of the ordered products for which the code was offered. In calculating the value of the promotional code the delivery fees are not included.

How do we communicate you the promotional code?

After the confirmation of the product delivery, the promotional code is automatically transmitted by our system, in an informative email. In the section 'Pro Smart' of your account on, you can view the promotional codes received, their value and validity period. The validity of a promotional code is 1 year from the transfer date.


The promotional code shall be copied down in your 'Pro Smart' box in the 'Shopping cart'. By clicking on the left button, the value of the promotional values appears. The value of the promotional code that you want to use must not be more than 1 less than the products ordered. For every finalized order, you shall receive a promotional code that can be used only once.


The user of the promotional code cannot claim its counter value in lei or any other benefits instead of the promotional code. In case of return or refusal of the products bought, a new promotional code shall be available only at your future order.

In case the order for which the promotional code had been used, is canceled before delivery, the promotional code is considered unused and so it can be used for your future order. reserves the right to terminate this promotion, but the promotional codes issued until that date may be used according to their validity.


We guarantee that the SmartCandle products will satisfy you 100%!

In accordance with art. 4 paragraph b of the Government Ordinance no. 130/2000, the consumer has the right to notify in writing the company SC DECORATIONS SMART S.R.L. that he/she refuses the product, without penalties or justifications, within 10 working days from the receipt of the product.

The closing of the deal takes place in the moment the invoice is issued and not when the order is placed or when the order is automatically confirmed. According to the legislation in force, the right to refuse the purchase is applicable only to client representing physical entities/persons.

Return of the product and money back

If you are not completely satisfied with our products, do not worry! You may return the product and we shall give you the money back in maximum 30 days from the return date, in your account or by mail order.

Replacing the product with another product

Should you wish to replace a product with another product of higher value, you shall pay the difference, or you shall be reimbursed with the difference3 in case the value is lower, up to the value of the product you want to replace.

Additional conditions regarding the return policy

In accordance with the legislation, the return of the product in the situations mentioned above is done at the expense of the client. The products shall be returned within 5 working days from the termination of the agreement, using the same transportation service that delivered them. The products shall be returned in the same condition in which they were received, in the original packaging and accompanied by all the accessories and the original documents. The deterioration of the products (physical modifications, bumps, fragments, scratches, shocks etc.) leads to the refusal of the return procedure.

The products may not be changed/returned unless the price has been already paid.

1. Sent your request by email to:
2. You will receive a reply with the registration number of your complaint and the return/replace instructions.

The product must be returned, together with the invoice in the original form or its xerox copy to our address. The consumer has the right to notify in writing the commercial company that he/she refuses the product, without penalties or justifications, within 10 working days from the receipt of the product, or in case of service providing, about the termination of the agreement.

You may return the products if you find yourself in one of the situations mentioned below:

Wrong delivered product

In case another product has been delivered to you, different from what you actually ordered, please notify us within 24 hours! You shall return the product using the same transport service as the one we use for delivering the products, and we shall replace the wrong product with the right one. All the return costs and the transportation costs shall be the responsibility of SC DECORATIONS SMART SRL.

Faulty product within the first 48 hours from delivery

If the delivered product does not function properly or has manufacturing defects, provided you notify us within the first 24 hours from delivery , this shall be replaced with a functional one.
You shall return the product using the same transport service as the one we use for delivering it, and we shall replace the faulty product with a new one. All the return costs and the transportation costs shall be the responsibility of SC DECORATIONS SMART SRL.

Deteriorated parcels

Upon delivery, the client has the right to refuse the products whose packaging have been deteriorated. As physical evidence, the parcel may be photographed and on the AWB it can be mentioned the status of the parcel and the delivery time.

For the products whose packaging has visible signs of deterioration when delivered by courier, we recommend you to refuse to accept them. The product is not in conformity with the specifications mentioned on the web page. In case the product delivered is not in conformity with the specifications mentioned on the product web page, this may be returned without any additional costs, after a notification has been previously sent in writing in which the lack of conformity shall be specified within 48 hours from delivery. The client may require the replacement of the product or the money back. All the costs for handling the return and transportation for the correct product shall be the responsibility of SC DECORATIONS SMART SRL.

Other conditions for returning the product

Any change in the condition of the products (bumps, fragments, scratches etc) or the deterioration of the original packaging shall automatically lead to the application of a return procedure subject to additional costs paid for handling the return to the initial status in which they were delivered. The amount of handling cost shall be communicated to the client in a written notification only at the receipt of the returned products.

Product deterioration leads to the cancellation of the return procedure. According to the client's option, we will resend the deteriorated product, on the client's expense. This clause is applicable in accordance with O.G. 130/2000, about the purchase of products using long-distance communication techniques, applying the definitions in O.G. 130/2000 art. 2 paragraph e.

The products may not be returned/replaced unless the price has already been paid!

1. Sent your request by email to:
2. You will receive a reply with the registration number of your complaint and the return/replace instructions.

The product must be returned, together with the invoice in the original form or its xerox copy to our address.

For further information regarding the rights of the customers/consumers and other complaints please consult the web page of the ANPC (AGENTIA NATIONALA PENTRU PROTECTIA CONSUMATORILOR – The National Agency for the Consumers' Protection), or at the telephone number 0 800 080 999. guarantees the quality of the products and the conformity or the services.

The guarantee and the return policy option is given in accordance with the specific legislation in the domain: Electronic commerce and Long-distance agreements, as mentioned on the official site of the National Authority for Consumer Protection in Romania

Decorations Smart SRL guarantees that the products bought online function in accordance with the usage instructions. In case the above is not true or you are not completely satisfied, we will replace the product or return the money, according to the legislation in force.

For more information, please access the pages Satisfaction100% and Return policy.