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What do I need to know about SmartCandles?

Why electronic flameless candles?

The electronic candles were created as a response to the need of the commercial industry (hotels, bars, restaurants etc.), of the historical monuments restorers and event organisers. We all love the ambient light of traditional candles, but these cannot be used in all the locations or circumstances and above all they are not safe!

What are the SmartCandles made of?

The electronic flameless Smart Candle® are available in different variants: rechargeable candles and battery operated candles, made of silicone or scented natural wax.

Do the Smart Candles flicker?

Yes, all the SmartCandles flicker, with a random flickering that perfectly simulates a wax candle. That is why your friends or your clients would probably admit that they couldn't tell the difference from traditional candles!

How long can the Smart Candles be used?

The run time of the Smart Candle® products may vary. For each product there is an estimated run time in accordance with the producer's tests, that indicates how long the candles will burn after they have been charged and after the batteries have been replaced. We recommend you to use alkaline batteries. The charging times and the run times after charging or replacing the batteries are listed on the page describing every type of candle!

How long do the batteries included for the candles last?

We cannot guarantee a certain number of hours of run time for the newly purchased candles, because the candles are made in the Far East, then shipped to Romania where they are stored until being sold. We recommend to replace the battery as soon as possible with a new, alkaline one.

What is the LED light?

LED is the international abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. Generally, the LEDs are small light bulbs that easily fit the electric circuit. The effect is called electroluminescence. However, unlike conventional incandescent light bulbs, the LEDs do not have a wire that burns and do not generate a significant quantity of heat. The light is produced by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor environment.

What are the advantages of the LED technology?

The LEDs are remarkable in any way possible. Among the advantages, we mention:
- longer lifetime; twice as much as the best fluorescent light bulb and twenty times more than a conventional incandescent light bulb.
- great durability, resistant at shocks and vibrations. LEDs are usually fit in solid cases for increased protection, which offers them greater robustness and reliability.
- less heat than the similar incandescent light bulbs.
- lower energy consumption.

For more information about the electronic SmartCandles, please read the Did you know? and Advatages! pages!


Can I see the product before I buy it?

Smartcandle.ro is an online shop and does not have a location where the products might be displayed. If the product you buy does not meet your expectations, you can return it, in accordance with the return policy of the products presented on the web page.

How do I find out if the product is available or not?

Every product listed on the web page has a status in the product page that attests its availability. The stock update is done in real time!

Can we test the product before purchase?

The online purchase activity aims at optimising the costs, so that we might offer the most competitive prices to our customers. The products bought online are sealed in the original packaging. In case of functioning failure, there are service procedures to be followed that cover the guarantee risks or the product may be returned if not acceptable.

Is the listed price the final one?

The listed prices is VAT included and represent the final value of the product. According to the delivery option chosen, there will be an additional delivery cost that could vary depending on the destination or the weight of the product.A placed order guarantees the reservation of the product for a few days at the price valid on the day when the order was placed.

Why is today's price different from yesterday's price?

The products presented on smartcandle.ro, are automatically updated, according to the exchange rate (leu/US dollar). Moreover, there are cases when the prices may change in accordance with the producer's recommendations or in special offer cases depending on the start/end of the promotion period.


What is my account?

My account or the Smart Candle customer account is a service that allows you to access:
- a more rapid order placement
- the administration of promotional codes
- the track of orders placed
- financial information regarding the orders placed
- alerts for important events

How do I create an account?

The customer account is created with the first order. Please, use valid information and contact details, in order to avoid errors in the invoice issued or the impossibility to be contacted.

If you want to create a customer account before the first order, please send us an email at order@smartcandle.ro.

What is the smartcandle.ro newsletter?

It is our most important means of communicating with you. It is an email sent every 2-3 weeks, that informs you about our new releases or promotion periods, special offer/sales, further information and many more about the Smart Candle world! You can register/unregister for the newsletter anytime. The script that administers this newsletter is specifically created to eliminate the registration against your own desire and to eliminate spam.

What is an events reminder ?

The service Events reminder allows you to save the dates of important events for which you intend to shop on the smartcandle.ro site! You will receive notification emails, free of charge, that remind you about the special events!


When can I order?

You can order in any day of the week, at any time, but the processing of data received is done every working day, according to the schedule mentioned on the contact page. Orders can also be placed during holidays or out of hours, but further information will be previously posted on the Contact page. In case the orders are not placed during the working hours, they will be processed the following day or on the first working day of the week. .

How do I find a product?

Please, use the filter system to select the category under which your product is listed.

How do I contact the service department?

For an efficient administration of your messages, please contact us at the telephone number listed on the site (0733-90.50.58) or use the contact form from the Contact page, selecting the department you wish to address to. The answer to each solicitation, both by telephone or by email, shall be sent during the working period mentioned on the site.

In case I am not in the country, can I order a gift for a friend in Romania?

YES! All you need is a credit card (Visa or MasterCard, regardless of the currency) or a digipass for Homebank to make the online payment or the bank transfer of the electronic payment, and on your 'Personal data' page please write the delivery address of your friend. Additionally, please sent us an email at order@smartcandle.ro, clearly stating your claim or the need for further information. If you want your gift to be wrapped and accompanied by a wish card, let us give you a good news: this service is free of charge!

I am a legal person/entity. How do I order?

Exactly the same as a regular person! On the 'Personal data' page, you shall complete the fields with the necessary details for the invoice. We recommend you to choose 'Bank transfer' as payment option- the delivery costs will be cheaper. Should you choose to pay upon receipt, the bill will be sent by courier.

Details about the purchase process can be found on the How do I buy? page.

What do I need to know about paying for the order?

What does 'pay on delivery' mean?

Pay on delivery means paying for the order upon delivery by courier. The representatives of the courier company shall collect the money in cash from you and shall transfer the sum in our account. For this service, the courier company charges a fee. We recommend you to pay by bank transfer, using your personal digipass or your credit card, in order to save the courier fee. The choice is yours!

Can I buy a product if I don't have a card or wish to use it?

Yes! You can choose as payment method, pay on delivery or pay by bank transfer.

Do you accept payment by credit card?

YES! We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard/Eurocard, Maestro, including the virtual cards Visa or MasterCard. Paying by credit card, your order shall be processed immediately.

What are the advantages of paying by credit card?

Paying by credit card shall give you a safer possibility to administer your budget and at the same time it is the ideal solution when you want to buy and send a present. Moreover, choosing this payment method shall save you from paying the commission for the courier.

How safe is to pay by credit card?

The safety of your bank account and of your debited sum is 100%. Our online shop, in partnership with Epayment, offers you this service under the best circumstances and in complete safety. To finalize the transactions and fulfill all the requirements of the Romanian legislation in force, a number of personal information are required from the buyer, such as: name and surname, mail address, postal code, county, copuntry, telephone number and email address, for a better communication. All the data are encrypted and stored on secured electronic media and shall not be used unless there is absolutely necessary for processing the order and deliver the products or services (if need be). The transactions are done in a secured environment using SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) technologies of encryption on 128 bits. All the date related to the credit cards are introduced directly on the servers of VISA and MasterCard organisations. Provided you are still not convinced that using your card is a 100% safe, you can buy and pay on delivery or by bank transfer.

What happens if I pay by card and my order cannot be delivered?

Your money are returned to your card within a few days after the transaction. The entire amount shall be transferred back to your bank account. A sales representative will contact you and offer you all the necessary information.

Is there a commission for paying by card?

There are no commissions or fees for all payments/transactions by credit card on SmartCandle.ro.

What do I need to know about products delivery?


The products ordered shall be delivered by the company courier TCE Transexpress SRL. The delivery program is from Monday to Friday between 9-17.


The delivery costs are correlated with the payment method! Thus, when you prepay (online by credit card or by bank transfer/payment order), the delivery costs less! You can find details about the dleivery on Products delivery page.


YES! Delivery is free of charge for orders more than 150 lei (additional kgs are not part of this promotion).


It's simple! View the page 'Your order history' in 'My account' and you shall see the status of your order. Our estimation regarding product delivery is based on several important factors: the time period when the order was placed, the availability of our products ordered and the delivery time. Upon your agreement, the delivery method will be decided. The time period shall be maintained, in case you pay by bank transfer or by credit card online, taking as the reference point the moment when the payment is confirmed.


Of course! For this, your order must meet two requirements: the recipient must be in Romania and the payment shall be made by credit card or bank transfer.


YES! After the order has been placed, write us an email at comenzi@smartcandle.ro mentioning the date when you want your order to be delivered (or when you want your order to arrive and we will calculate the delivery time according to the delivery address).


When you receive your ordered products (parcel) please check, in the presence of the courier, the integrity of the packaging and seal and the invoice. The products are sealed in the original packaging of the producer and are insured during transportation. Please mention on your AWB (or in a status report) the problems regarding the integrity/content or your parcels and refuse to pay for those with problems. Any subsequent complaints regarding these aspects are null.


In case we were unable to contact you, your order shall be canceled. Before placing an order, please check if you completed correctly all your personal details. In the event that our SmartCandle sales representatives are unable to establish a first contact with you, your order shall be considered an error and shall be canceled.

What do I need to know about the return policy?

What do I do when the product does not meet my requirements?

Any product may be returned within 10 days from the delivery date. The condition on which a product may be delivered is the integrity of the packaging, of the product delivered as well as for the accessories. The return of the product shall be the client's responsibility and shall be made at his/her own expense, within 5 days from the termination of the agreement, using the same transportation service as the one that made the delivery. SC Decorations Smart SRL shall refund the money within 30 days from the written notification about the termination of agreement.

The delivered product is not working. What do I do?

In the event that the product is not working properly or has manufacturing defects, this shall be replaced with a functioning one, provided a written notification is sent to order@smartcandle.ro, îwithin 48 hours from the receipt of the product.

Complete details about the return policy can be found on Return policy page in the Customer support section.

What do I need to know about the guarantee?

What is the Smart Candle product guarantee period?

The electronic Smart Candles come with a 12-month producer guarantee from the date of the order. Upon receiving the products, please check the guarantee period mentioned on the certificate.

What do I do in case of product failure during the guarantee period?

Product failures during the guarantee period shall be remedied by Decorations Smart SRL. Follow the instructions on the guarantee certificate or access the contact page to send your notification.

What do I have to do in order not to loose the guarantee?

We recommend you to read the instructions carefully before using the product. There is the risk of loosing the guarantee in the following situations: using the candles in unsuitable conditions, in the presence of chemicals, moisture, high temperature (+45°C) or very low temperature (-4°C), production defects caused by accidental or intentional deterioration of the product, plugging the product in an unsuitable power source, cleaning the product with household cleaning products or any other modality of altering the product unrecommended by the producer, as well as the intervention of an unauthorised person to service the product.

Why do not all the products come with a 2-year guarantee period?

In accordance with Law no. 449/2003 the stipulates the trade of products and their guarantee periods associated with them, article 16, the seller shall remedy any production defects if these occur within the 2 year period, calculated from the delivery date. The conformity period is different from the guarantee period. The guarantee, according to the same legal act, article 19, is obligatory for the tenderer, on the conditions specified in the declarations regarding the guarantee and the advertising. Thus, the seller guarantees against any manufacturing defect for 2 years and assures the advertised guarantee, without a minimum or maximum term.

Does the guarantee period for the altered products modify?

YES! It is automatically extended, and the service period is taken into account. The service period is defined as being the interval of time (days) between the moment when the product is handed in to the courier and the moment when this is recovered from the service station and returned to the owner. Since this interval is automatically stored in our system, there won't be any observations written on the guarantee certificate of the product.

What are the failure not covered by the guarantee?

The damage produced by natural events, fire, floods, earthquakes, accidents etc, theft or destruction of the product and wear and tear.