Alabasta Marble Holder


This holder is made of Alabasta marble, brought from Egypt especially for Smart Candle®. Use this holder with any rechargeable Platinum candles or battery operated candles, both indoors and outdoors, in the area where glass is not safe. Easy to clean!

We recommend to use this holder in health clubs or spa, due to the extraordinary effect of the marble.

Recommendations for choosing the LED colour:

The 'Amber' colour creates a warming, comfortable atmosphere! The space will flooded with a soothing glow!

Use SC450 in combination with the coloured LEDs to obtain a coloured glow in different decorations and interior design.

79 Lei VAT inc.
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Type Marble Colour Yellow
Diameter 100 mm/sfera - 130 mm/baza farfurie Height 62mm/sfera - 20mm/farfurie

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