The Vanilla-scented wax candle


Enjoy the soothing glow and the calming ambiance created by the flicker of a wax candle!

This candle is made of vanilla-scented wax (2%) with a dripping effect. It produces the same relaxing flickering effect of a regular candle, creating a relaxing ambiance. The candle must be kept away from heating sources and it may be used safely both out and indoors next to flammable materials such as paper, plastic, dried flowers or different fabric. Maintain that traditional candle look and enjoy the vanilla scented wax candle without the danger of fire from conventional candles. Click Advantages!

Gifts, decorative arrangements, interior design or anywhere you like!

135 Lei VAT inc.
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Type Battery LED Colour Amber
Made of Wax Colour candle Ivory
Diameter 76,2 mm Height 228,6 mm
Battery type 2 * AA Using time + 200 hours with alkaline batteries

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